13 Disember 2009

Speak Broken English with Eye on Malaysia, Malacca...

Lets go to the Eye On Malaysia!... go straight  from here..

You just walk along the path into 2 minutes. We already waiting for you in front of there...
My kids always in excited mood, they want me too!!!... I cannot go anywhere without them..

Wowww....we are nearby with the 'eye'!!!.. no words to say anything to express the funtastics of 'eye'..

Before you have to decide buys a tickets.
Lets  me show you the model of the cable car  which up you around the air!

 Now.. come I show you, how much the prices!..Not much maybe..

But poor..
We are so sorry...no picture to take by on the air...

But.. from my deep heart, I will come back here..

Bye... I leave you now... nice meet you..

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